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Belgave Education Pvt. Ltd. came into being with a vision to shape the present and future of learning and redefine education at a 21st century research potential by unlocking new opportunities and enabling personalized, engaged and lifelong learning around the world. We facilitate large scale technology solutions that support teaching and learning, bringing powerful tools into classrooms and creating a foundation for developing open technologies. We partner with faculty to research and support new modes of learning from flipped classrooms to residential MOOCs to interdisciplinary programs.

"The whole PURPOSE of Education is to turn mirrors into windows."

- Sydney J. Harris

Who and Why..?


Rethink and reclassify figuring out
how to establish positive change and enhance society.


Connect with, Empower, and
Inspire worldwide students… ordinary, all over...!!!!



We focus our efforts
on areas of greatest strength and opportunity.



We hold ourselves
to the highest ethical standards



We create an inviting
environment for all people to be heard.



We tenaciously take ownership of
our work, actions, and organization.

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Global Advanced Training Certification Program (GAT-CP)

Investing in yourself by continuing your professional development is a worthwhile and wise decision. HR departments and employers look for people who have kept their skills and knowledge up to date.People who continue to learn throughout their careers are more engaged, have better skills and are of greater value to their organization. All our qualifications are designed to improve the knowledge, skills, capabilities and productivity of knowledge-based workers. As a direct result, we aim to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. We provide a comprehensive range of certifications for knowledge-based professionals around the world. Whether you work in IT, project and programme management, business change, service management or another role, you can find a professional certification to enhance your knowledge, skills and career prospects.


The competition is fierce. In the Age of Technology, one of the best ways to get an edge on your future career is to land an internship with a global technology leader. Our formula for success is simple. We hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to be great at what they do. And it all starts with here. Students accepted into the Internship Program will receive the opportunity to gain real hands-on work experience with an IT/Business Solutions company. We offer interns numerous learning and networking opportunities throughout the year where they meet with other local interns, recent college graduates, and top executive leaders.


Know us

As ECLATians, we offer

E - Elite and Enhanced Education

C - Certifications

L - Learning with fun

A - Advanced courses to make you employment ready

T - Training - both, Industrial and Corporate


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The secret to our success is the high caliber of the people who work here.If you are interested in collaborating with talented, motivated, passionate individuals in a friendly, fast-paced environment, this is the right place for you. Please drop your CV to careers@eclatuni.com

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